Imse Vimse Swim Diaper

Imse Vimse Swim Diaper

Imse Vimse’s swim diaper is a Platinium Award Winner. Glorious match so your very little one will move easily within the water. Soft elastic at the waist and legs, a PUL inner-fabric keeps everything contained. The outside is made from traditional swim suit cloth and aspect snaps build for fast and easy changing! The Imse Vimse swim diapers come in fun prints and are a lot of comfy and economical than disposable swim diapers. Ready to use – no insert or diaper required. Public swimming pool approved!


I purchased one of these for swim lessons last spring as disposable swim diapers were not allowed, plus I didn’t wish to waste cash on a pack of disposables. It did great and i loved it! The snaps on the edges were the #one reason I bought this specific brand…imagine coming out a wet cloth swim diaper, that fits snugly to stay messes contained. She did poop a couple times when she was in the wading pool at home. It will contain the mess…depending on the consistency. If it is a loose stool, the water in the pool can break it apart, thus allowing some to flee. Like different swim diapers, these aren’t meant to be leakproof, thus it had been no surprise you may see some come back out. If it’s a a lot of solid mess, I imagine it might be better.
I am about to order my other for my daughter for this year! I like it and have counseled it to others.

I fully love my Imse Vimse swim diaper it fits my a pair of year old perfectly and will stretch therefore she has space to grow. Its very well made thus I know I’m visiting be reusing it if I actually have anymore kids. Also I love the colors and the fact that its to soft. The solely issue I don’t like is that Imse Vimse doesn’t make a matching swim top for additional then 2 of their swim diaper styles so I’m stuck employing a non matching swim prime.

My son wore this all summer long at the beach and it was great! Dries quick, keeps in poop for a brief time ( he solely pooped in it 2 or three times all summer) and is perfect as a bathing suit with a swim shirt! I never even used his swim shorts, it’s just thus beautiful to see those fat baby legs anyway.

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