A Guide to Choosing Newborn Baby Clothes

A Guide to Choosing Newborn Baby Clothes

Shopping for newborn baby clothes is one of the best parts of preparing for a new baby, whether you’re expecting or just shopping for someone who is. After an hour or two in a baby store, though, cuteness overload can set in. All the colors, styles and choices start to blur together and you’re not sure what to buy anymore. Not to worry; just keep a few basic things in mind.

First, it’s not unusual to think shopping for baby girl clothes is harder than shopping for boys. Some people find it more fun, too, as girls have many more choices. Not that boys don’t have cute newborn baby clothes, but the limited options make it easier to pick something. Buying baby clothes for girls presents a few more challenges.

One dilemma is whether or not to go pink. It’s the traditional girl’s color, but a tiny newborn bundled into a pink shirt, pink jacket, pink shoes and wearing a pink bow may look more like a cupcake than a baby! Try combining pink with complementary colors like mint green, robin’s egg blue or chocolate brown. These are eye-catching, stylish and suitable for a baby girl.

As for style, enjoy getting baby dresses early. The immobile newborn quickly becomes a curious crawler, and will likely find dresses a hindrance. The majority of baby girl clothes should be some newborn basics, though, same as for boys: onesies, jackets, pull-on pants and socks. Make sure it’s all machine-washable!

It’s tempting to go on a shopping spree for newborn baby clothes, but remember this: babies grow. Most newborn clothes only fit for about three months. Getting a huge collection of clothes in that size range means most will be worn once or not at all. Pick out a few outfits for the next size, and then the baby will have something to grow into.

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